Penerapan Manajemen Strategi Penyiaran dalam Dakwah

  • Mochammad Dawud Institut Agama Islam Negeri Jember
Keywords: Management, Broadcasting Strategic Management, Da’wah Broadcasting


Managing broadcasting television is not thc samc as managing companies in general. Moreover if there is a da’wah mission. Management concepts are not necessarily applicable in broadcasting management. Integrating it means balancing thc interests of the media owner and the public as thc audience as well as thc owner of the rights to the frequency managed by the broadcast media. While broadcasting media must continue to function as a means of entertainment, information, public services and economic functions. Broadcasting media management places more emphasis on planning, which include positioning, segmentation, targeting, formatting and programming. The rest, broadcasting management concepts are almost the same as management in general. ln the end, concepts in the political economy of the mcdia rcmain decisive in winning audience choice, including the broadcasting media which carrying da’wah mission. These concepts include: commodification, spacialization and structuration.