Global Syndrom dalam Bidang Teknologi Informasi Dakwah Sebagai Revolusi Institusi Media Massa Masyarakat di Zaman Millenial

  • Hendri Al Faruk Universitas al-Azhar Mesir
Keywords: global syndrome, information technology, da'wah, mass media


The information revolution means that there is a change in the world of information that is so sophisticated that even people living in remote tribes can get information about them. The process of globalization as a result of advanced communication technology is a major event or change that almost does not allow all countries to refuse it. This research is a literacy study. Research is a process of finding solutions to problems through scientific procedures. The purpose of the study was to find out that the global syndrome in the field of da'wah information technology is a revolution in the mass media institutions of society in the millennial era. And it can be said that World syndrome in the world of information technology has a good impact on the development of da'wah. It's not just the big changes as a result of major changes in the field of information and communication technology, which is growing increasingly sophisticated. This progress is not only vertical, but also has a horizontal dimension. Now there are no more corners of the world that are not reached by sophisticated communications (worldwide syndrome). Because the portrait of da'wah is divided into two types, namely da'wah bil-lisan and da'wah bil-hal. So far, there has been a kind of paradigm confusion in our concept of da'wah, both verbally and bil-halally. The da'wah process so far tends to lead to the concept of bank-style communication, where society is likened to an empty container that must be filled with beliefs and moral values ​​and life practices so that they are stored and issued when needed. This era was marked by new discoveries and advances in various fields. Various forms of social change that accompany the era of globalization in turn affect the human perspective on life.