Komodifikasi Konten Berbagi Uang dalam Akun Youtube Baim Paula

  • Abd Razaq AR Universitas Paramadina Jakarta
  • Islahuddin Universitas Paramadina Jakarta
  • Abdul Khakim Universitas Paramadina Jakarta
Keywords: Commodification, YouTube, Viewer, Adsense


Entertainment content generated by social media, one of which is YouTube, is now able to compete with conventional audio-visual media events. The amount of new media entertainment content is also increasingly diverse as there are more content creators and market competition is getting bigger. One of the content creators that has the largest viewers and subscribers in Indonesia is Baim Wong's Baim Paula YouTube account which has been watched two billion viewer. Baim Paula's account takes advantage of the content commodification process to produce products that are liked by netizens. This study focuses on analyzing the commodification of content on the theme of "sharing money" on Baim Paula's Youtube account with Vincent Mosco's theory of commodification. Mosco explained that commodification consists of commodification of content, audition and workers. Based on the analysis, it was concluded that Baim Paula's account was able to take advantage of the commodification process to generate billions of viewers and get advertisements. The commodification used is the commodification of content and the commodification of workers. These two codifications have succeeded in making Baim Paula's YouTube money sharing show a high rating and benefits