Segmentasi Pasar dalam Komunikasi Pemasaran Islam

  • Novan Hariansyah Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Kalijaga
Keywords: Market Segmentation, Islamic Marketing Communication


Segmenting or often known as market segmentation is the act of classifying the market into groups with various categories. Sixty per cents (60%) of business failures are caused by failing to define the target market, their market potential, and failing to decide the right marketing concepts. Entrepreneurs tend to do more expansion in areas that they don't understand just because they are opportunists, making the most of people's fears and hesitancies. Marketing communication can be so powerful if it is combined with effective and efficient communication. For example, a communication on how to attract consumers or audiences to become aware, familiarized and interested in buying a product or service through communication channels. The current study is literatures study which analyses and thoroughly studies literatures to find data. In Islamic ethics, segmentation techniques in marketing communications are not justified using sexual appeal, emotional appeal, fear appeal, false testimony or pseudo-marketing research, or contribute to stupidity of mind and encourage overbuy. In the Islamic framework, these methods are unethical because they are used purely to exploit the basic instincts of consumers around the world with the aim of gaining profit and bigger market preys. In addition, Islamic ethics strictly prohibits stereotypes of women in advertising, and excessive use of "fantasy" either in product forms, services or other added value. Apart from innovation, Islamic marketing communication is also obliged to pay attention to efficiency. In order for marketing communications to be effective, we don't act on a whim. We can carry out marketing efficiency with high foresight to target markets that match the products and services we have.