Bom Bunuh Diri di Gereja Katedral Makassar dalam Kajian Pierre Bourdieu

  • Eko Setiawan Universitas Brawijaya Malang
Keywords: Terrorism, Pierre Bourdieu, Habitus, Domain, Capital


Pierre Bourdieu, through the key concepts of habitus, domain, and capital, wanted to integrate objectivism (promoting the role of objective structures in social practice) and subjectivism (promoting the role of agents in social practice). Pierre Bourdieu presented a generative formula of social practice with equations: (habitus x capital) + domain = practice. According to Bourdieu, practice is a product of habitus and domain relations, where in the realm there is a risk of the power of people who have a lot of capital, as well as people who do not have capital. The issue of space, habitus and capital in Pierre Bourdieu's theory becomes important to analyze every case of terrorism, because it is able to make it clear. Terrorism will occur if the fight over the space of action is not won by the public, as well as the security apparatus fully supported by the state. Because, acts of terrorism will not happen if all access and opportunities are closed. Certainly in this case, the role of the security apparatus has its own strategy.