Komunikasi Dakwah pada Ayat-Ayat Pandemi

  • Ahmad Hayyan Najikh Institut Agama Islam Negeri Jember
Keywords: Covid-19 Pandemic, Communication, Da’wah, Disease


The world is still not free from the grasp of the Covid-19 Pandemic, a viral outbreak which becomes a currently main topic of discussion from various scientific backgrounds. Therefore, when covid-19 is associated with the realm of communication, it can result in various domains of communication, such as economic communication, educational communication, da'wah or religious communication, etc. In the current study, the researcher examined da'wah communication against the covid-19 outbreak. This is because a da'i (preacher) tends to be bound to religious teaching sources before conveying something. This study focuses on what kind of da'wah communication latches behind the Quranic verses regarding plague, outbreak or diseases.  The researcher also employed a descriptive qualitative method in order to obtain the results of such phenomenon. The research result can be classified into three sections, namely: Aqidah, sharia and akhlaq. Looking from akhlaq's point of view, all diseases come from Allah. Physical effort through medication is important but non-physical effort by reverting back to Him also plays a great role. From sharia perspective, we ought not lose our taqwa from the disease but instead keep trusting Allah for everything. Meanwhile, from akhlaq's perspective, we might have been in the wrong situation so that Allah tested us by giving such distress or misfortune so that we can be corrected or purified from the sins.