Pengaruh Promo Harga Murah terhadap Loyalitas Konsumen dalam Perspektif Islam

  • Wafi Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Ampel
Keywords: Promo, Loyalty, Islam


Promotional activities are actually a  manifestation of the informative function so that with the promotion it is hoped that there will be reactions from customers, both actual and potential that appear in various forms. These forms of customer are ranging from the ones who grow aware of knowing the existence of the product to the ones that actually use it. In this study, it will be discussed deeper about the effect of promotion on consumers' loyalty by knowing the definitions and indicators of promotion as well as indicators of loyalty as a benchmark. This study employed descriptive qualitative methods. The data obtained in this study are primary data, which are taken from books and journals, while the secondary data are obtained from websites. The data obtained by means of observation or looking for direct references can also be the research validity of the data. Promotion is defined as a way of communication from marketers who inform, persuade, and remind potential buyers to respond to a product in order to influence their opinion in buying the product. Prus and Brandt (1995) stated that customers' loyalty can be displayed through their attitudes and behavior. These attitudes include the intention to repurchase or purchase other products from the company, the intention to recommend and the immunity against competitors.