Halal Life Style sebagai Dakwah Determinasi Diri dan Sosial Masyarakat Indonesia

  • Bahatma Baca Universitas Islam Negeri Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta
Keywords: Halal Lifestyle, Dakwah, Determination


Many people are starting to show their interest in the concept and understanding of the Halal lifestyle in their lives. This is because people tend to believe that Halal things are good for one’s health and well-being. Halal things bring comfort and security to life. Therefore, the current study discusses how the Halal lifestyle can become self-determination and social Da’wah amongst Indonesian people as well as how the current form of Halal lifestyle is applied to their everyday life. The current study employed a descriptive method. The data obtained in this study are primary data from websites, books and journal articles. Literature study was mainly employed in the current study. Regarding the implementation of the Halal lifestyle, it affects people as consumers to be increasingly critical in making purchases on daily needs products, whether the consumables or services. Such gesture has made Halal industries proven to be able to compete with other industries of the same kind. Cosmetics with Halal label partially have positive and significant effects on consumers’ decisions to buy Halal cosmetics. Halal tourist attractions are also deemed safer and more comfortable for their availability of prayer rooms and Halal culinary. Sharia hotels are also considered safer and more comfortable as a place to stay by eliminating liquor, discotheques and prohibiting unmarried visitors of different gender from booking or staying in the same room.