Problematika Dakwah di Tengah Pandemi Covid-19

  • Ahmad Fauzi Universitas Islam Jember
  • Eva Maghfiroh Institut Agama Islam Syarifuddin Lumajang
Keywords: Problematics, Da'wah, Covid-19


Da'wah is an effort that is carried out deliberately and consciously by inviting others to the right path, namely to do good and to prevent evil acts. The purpose of Da'wah is the goal of the initial stage to save mankind from the valley of darkness and lead them into light, from a misguided path to the straight path. Da'wah also guides mankind from the valley of polytheism with all forms of misery to monotheism that promises contentment, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic which continues to plague almost all corners of the world. Currently the utilization of information technology developments can beĀ  perceived everywhere and that it is undeniable that technology is required in most everyday life. For instance, in most socialization activities that covers various aspects of life, social media is ensured to have a role in making it public. Social media can also have a massive influence in someone's in the community, especially teenagers. Social media has become an addiction that makes its users can't get away for one second without being on social media. Then, because Islam is a religion that is "rahmatan lil alamin" (A mercy for all creation), it must be conveyed to all people.