Kota Santri, Bumi Shalawat Nariyah dan Bule-Dhika

Reproduksi Kebudayaan Pendalungan dalam Kontruksi Identitas di Situbondo

  • Mohammad Isfironi Universitas Ibrahimy Situbondo
Keywords: Kota Santri, Bumi Shalawat Nariyah, Bule-Dhika, Cultural Reproduction, Identity Construction


Culture is something that is socially constructed. Therefore, culture is inseparable from the interests of the actors or social agents involved in it. Identity also formed in the dialectical process which involves all of these actors. The focus of this article is to answer the question of how these actors interpret the process of cultural repaduction in the context of the formation of identity in Situbondo, which is culturally characterized by pendalungan. With Peter L Berger’s social construction theory analysis tools it is understood that the multi-ethnic Pendalungan Situbondo Community in the process of forming their identities is always in the process of negotiation. This process in tum is able to reproduce the Situbondo Pendalungan culture. This condition appears to be represented in the terms of the Kota Santri and Bumi Shalawat Nariyah besides the Bule-dhika language. These facts then provide opportunities for Islamic symbols to be accommodatcd as identity markers for a Pendalungan Community in Situbondo.